Sam Harrison is a Brisbane based artist and curator with cultural connections to Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri people of Central NSW. He completed a bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 2018 from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Sam has worked in a number of creative capacities, as an exhibiting artist, curator, artist assistant and arts teacher for young adults with autism. He has a keen interest in exploring how art functions in urban settings to create healthy, inclusive and enjoyable environments.

His practice revolves around discussion and analysis of the Australian Identity. His practice can be narrowed down into three general focuses. Firstly, utilizing historical and contemporary learning resources to re-conceptualize how we interpret the national story. Secondly, to create conversation in the present, about the present, to identify where and what we are as a collective, yet diverse cultural entity. Lastly, to think and envision what an increasingly connected, mobile and global future has in store for us.