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Sam Harrison Art

Butterfly Effect (2020)

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Medium: Acrylic on MDF 

Year: 2020

Size: 90 x 60 cm 

Price: Original NFS  

Prints:  Smooth Shil Masterclass 320 gsm paper

Butterfly Effect explores how colonial Australia remains aloof from First Nations cultural practices, limiting interaction of an audience witnessing our dance, song and art. 

This relationship links back to early anthropological control of cross-cultural relationships and the categorisation of First Nations peoples as a topic of scientific study. 

The stage in which First Nations people are permitted has evolved from the theatrical photo sets of Norman B. Tindale to sensationalised news articles and tokenistic opening ceremonies at major sporting events. While there is a growing sense of cultural autonomy and self-directed performance, the stage persists. 

Every First Nations person feels the spotlight, with internal and external social conditioning maintaining their performance regardless of consent.